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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Events Not Processed Correctly in Debug Mode

I am having a problem that I hope has not been answered here before. I am experiencing different results when I run a program than I do when I use F8 to step through it. I have a text box that I want control to return to if the user enters no text and tries to go to another field. My code for the text box lost focus command is:
If NameTBX.text = "" Then
   MsgBox = "This field cannot be blank.  Please enter your name."
End IF
When I run this program, and try to tab away from the text box, I then get the msgbox continuously repeating when I hit OK, without giving me the opportunity to enter data. When I use F8, the program acts as I expect, returning the cursor to the textbox and allowing me to type. Does you have any ideas what may be going on here?

The first thing to realize is that when you step with F8, you are bypassing the normal flow of control for window events. For instance, the code you have above should be doing exactly what you say it is...each time you try to hit a button, it will generate a lostfocus event. What you might want to do instead is to put the code to validate the box in your button. Otherwise, you will keep getting this behavior.

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