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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 1, 1996



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Access 2.0 Requirements

I have heard a vicious rumour going round that any programs I write in VB 3.0 using Access 2.0 will only be able to run on computers that have the full version of Access 2.0 as well, even if the correct files are supplied (ie. MSAJT112 & MSAJT200). Is this right? If it is how can I restore my system back to using Access 1.1 databases before I installed Access 2.0 and the compatibility layer?

That's correct. The compatibility layer only allows you to access the v2 files. It still requires the entire Access engine to do it.

If you create a 1.1 database, you can still open it, even if Access 2.0 is installed. I think Access 2.0 may let you create 1.1 version databases; if not, you can always remove Access 2.0, ignore the compat layer, and install Access 1.1 again. Be aware that VB4 does support Access 2 and Access 95.

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