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Language: NT
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Mar 18, 1997



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How can Windows NT users access NetWare's file and print resources?

How can my Windows NT users access NetWare's file and print resources?

In order for Windows NT users to be able to access NetWare 3.x or 4.x resources, the following needs to be done:

a. Log into the Windows NT server as Administrator or equivalent; open the control panel, click and open the network icon.

b. Verify that the NWLink IPX/SPX Transport is installed; highlight the protocol and click "Configure." You can now set the frame type to "Autodetect," or if you know what your Novell frame type is, then set it manually, for example: Ethernet 802.2; save changes and exit.

c. You will find the GSNW (Gateway Services for NetWare) icon inside the control panel as well; click to activate. Here, you will need to select your preferred NetWare server. Specify a NetWare user account and password; ensure that this account belongs to the NTGATEWAY group on the NetWare server (if no such group exists on the Novell server, create one and edit its membership to include the gateway account name). The gateway account also needs to be set up as a valid user ID on the NT server with privileges to set up shares.

d. Once the correct gateway user ID and password are supplied, you are ready to set up the server shares. Simply click on the "Add" button, specify a share name (e.g. "NWdrive1"), the path ("\\ORION\SYS"), the number of users that can access the service simultaneously and a drive letter (for example, "G"; this shows up in the File Manager) . Optionally, you can also set up permissions such as: read, write, full, etc. Repeat this process to add all the required shares.

e. To set up printing, open the Control Panel and select Printers. Select a printer or create a new one if necessary. Highlight the printer and select "connect" from the "Printer" menu. Click on Browse and select the NetWare queue you wish to connect to. Once you have connected to the printer, you can specify that it is shared and give it a name.

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