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Language: Java Language
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 19, 1997



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Integer-to-string Conversions

I want to convert an integer into a string. Is there anything in Java similar to the itoa() function in C?

To convert a number (or in fact, any Java object) into a string is very easy. Just concatenate it with the empty string.

     int n = 5;

     String s = n + "";

You can also call the toString() function that is defined for all objects, but that is a pain for numbers. A number isn't an object, so you first have to make the number an object.

     Integer i = new Integer(n);

     String s = i.toString();

You can do it all in one statement:

     String s = new Integer(n).toString();

Clearly the first method, of concatenating with "", seems more attractive.
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