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Language: SQL
Expertise: Beginner
Mar 24, 1997



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Check box in a repeater

I want to manipulate a check box in a repeater control, but the check box is not bound to any data column. How can I do this?

Every object in a repeater control has a column associated with it in the underlying recordset, even if the object is not bound to a database column.

When Power Objects creates a recordset for a repeater, it adds columns for all objects in the recordset. Bound columns are put in the recordset first, followed by the ROWID column, followed by columns for any unbound objects.

You cannot directly manipulate any objects in the repeater, but you can modify the value of the matching column in the recordset. If you wanted to set the check box to checked, and the check box was linked with column 5 in the recordset, and the repeater was named repeater1, the code to accomplish this would be


Unbound columns in the recordset do not have names, so you have to use the column number in the SetColVal() function. Once you change the value of a column in the recordset, the matching object in the repeater automatically changes.

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