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Language: SQL
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 1, 1997



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ODBC/Oracle Lite tables

In OPO v1.0, it was impossible to redefine a table in a BLAZE database. I assumed this would not be the case with an Oracle Lite database and OPO v2.0. However, to my displeasure, it seems I still cannot redefine a table -- I get various ODBC errors. Am I again stuck with re-creating my entire database when I want to change a field, or is the problem with ODBC?

I don't believe you can add a column to an existing Personal Oracle Lite database table. If you want to add a column, you will have to recreate the table-- not the database -- from scratch.

It's not the greatest solution, but it emphasizes the fact that you should spend some time planning and designing your database tables at the very beginning of creating an application. The database design is the foundation of your application system, and no system can stand firm on a shaky foundation.

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