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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 3, 1997



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Careers in SQL

Having programmed in Dbase III Plus and FoxPro for Windows, I have enjoyed working with databases. Do you feel that SQL would be the next logical choice as far as working with databases on a higher level?

I have also been advised to take some structured programming courses followed by SQL. Do you see this as a good direction? Also, do I require any background in networking? Any information you can provide would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Well, it's my opinion that adding SQL to your resume certainly can't hurt! There may be work in the Xbase area for years to come, but the larger systems are based on SQL, and experience with it will only add to the possible opportunities. Since SQL is always embedded in some other language (sometimes a proprietary 4GL, sometimes the 3GL's such as C), structured programming also is a good choice. Networking issues often are involved in developing client/server applications, but the complexities usually are handled by the software (however, there are exceptions). A good understanding of the fundamentals of networking is important, but you probably won't need a comprehensive understanding to be successful.

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