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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 22, 1997



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Cascading Menu

I am a new commer to VB and have been wondering if it is possible to have cascading pull down menus like the ones I see on the Win95's Start menu? is there an OCX available to add this function? I wish to use this function in a database app I am developing for my clients to simplify the data entry process of frequently used items and sub items. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

You can build menus as deep as you want to using the Visual Basic Menu Editor, which is included with every version of Visual Basic. To use it, create a new form and then select the Menu Editor from the Edit menu, I believe. There is also a toolbar button for it. For information on how to use the Menu Editor itself, just press the help button on the window or press the F1 key for more information. No additional OCXs/VBXs are required. These menus will be added to your application's window by the Menu Editor.

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