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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 23, 1997



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Why "insufficient privileges" error when creating profile for Oracle database?

When I do a connect within my open application script, I get a successful connect to Oracle 7.3. When I try to create a PowerBuilder profile for this same database, I receive the error
"ORA-01031 insufficient privileges."
Any idea what's happening?

When PowerBuilder connects to a database, it checks to see if the PowerBuilder repository exists in the database. If the repository cannot be found, PowerBuilder executes a series of SQL commands to create and populate the database.

To create the repository, you must connect as the owner of the database. If you are not connecting using the DB Owner, you will get the "insufficient privileges" message .

In my place of work, I call up the DBA, who sets the DBA password to my name. I can then log in using PB and allow it to create the tables. Then I log out and the DBA resets the password.

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