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Language: Relational Databases
Expertise: Beginner
May 8, 1997



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Alternative to the BDE

I have database software that is about 1 MB in size (with all the files). I need to distribute the BDE, which uses up to two diskettes. I do not want to bother my customers to install this engine. Is there another, smaller and faster engine I can use instead?

There are couple of reasons why I do not like the BDE:

  1. It is too large
  2. It is too slow
  3. My customers are Czechs. Borland does not supports us with the Czech installation of BDE.

The only other thing I can recommend is the Apollo engine by SuccessWare, which is an xBase engine for Delphi. The entire engine is only 300K, so that makes it pretty compact. For more information, you can call SuccessWare at 909/699-9657. I don't know the URL.

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