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Feb 8, 1999



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Refreshing the Data Grid for Different Parameters

I am using Visual Basic 6 and have a data grid referencing the Data environment command with a parameter. The grid won't refresh to allow for different parameters. The following code is for changing the parameter:
    DataEnv.Scheme "%eme%"
This code fires off the query with another parameter and updates the resultant recordset, but the grid does not update accordingly.

You didn't mention which data grid you are using, which would affect exactly how it's done. I chose the Microsoft DataGrid Control 6.0 for this example. The following code allows your application to display the results of a DataEnvironment Data Command through the grid. When the user clicks a button of the Visual Basic application, the code re-executes the Command with an input parameter and displays the results in the grid. After re-executing the Command, I reset the DataSource and DataMember properties to ensure that the DataGrid points to the correct source of data. In addition, I call the Refresh method of the control to ensure that the most recent data is displayed. This code works, but there are other possible ways to accomplish the same thing.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    If DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.State <> 0 Then
    End If
    DataEnvironment1.Command1 Text1.Text

    Set DataGrid1.DataSource = DataEnvironment1
    DataGrid1.DataMember = "Command1"
End Sub
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