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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
Apr 12, 1999



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OpenUserobject on a tab control

I am trying to use OpenUserObjectWithParm to dynamically open a datawindow on a tab page on a tab. All the objects are pfc descendents. I want to open one or more datawindows on a tab page at runtime. The problem I am having is that since I have to use the window to OpenUserObject, the datawindows behave as though the window owns them, rather than the tab page—when I change tab pages, the datawindows opened this way remain visible and on top. Do I have to control the datawindow's visible property? Is there any way to have these objects behave as though I had put the datawindow on a u_tabpg in the painter?

The problem you are having is that the OpenUserObject command opens object on the window. You need to look at the OpenTab command, which is a function of the tab folder object. This command allows you to add tab pages or objects dynamically. For example:

tab_1.OpenTab( iuo_Browser, 'uo_webbrowser', 0 )
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