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Language: PowerBuilder
Expertise: Beginner
May 2, 1999



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Bringing another application to the foreground

How can I bring an open application to the foreground (that is, move the PowerBuilder app back a layer).

To bring another application to the front, you will need to use some API calls. Create a user object in PowerBuilder and define the following API calls:

function long FindWindowA( string lpClass, string lpTitle ) library 'user32'
function long SetFocus( long hdWnd ) library 'user32'
subroutine BringWindowToTop( long hdWind ) Library "user32"
Then you will need to call the findWindowA API call to get a handle to the window you want to bring to the front. For example:
// Check for the PB handle
ll_PBHandle = FindWindowA( ls_NULL, 'PBBrowse' )
Then once we have the handle, we can bring the window to the front with the other API calls:
BringWindowToTop( ll_PBHandle )
SetFocus( ll_PBHandle )
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