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Language: NT
Expertise: Beginner
May 9, 1999

The LogonUser function and the SE_TCB_NAME privile

I can't use the LogonUser function because I don't know how to set (with program, if possible) the SE_TCB_NAME privilege. When I use your program that shows the use of the LogonUser function, the sytem says to me it is missing a privilege. What can I do to have this privilege?

If you are talking about my 10-minute solutions, then I did tell you how to do it:

"Since there's one little gotcha with using LogonUser -- it requires that the process calling LogonUser must have SE_TCB_NAME privileges (i.e., the 'Act as part of operating system' right in the advanced section of user rights under User Manager). This is not a right you want to give your average user. But with DCOMCNFG you can set this OLE server to run either as the system account (which has this right by definition) or as a specific user account (which you set up and gave this right to)."

The only thing that might not have been clear is that to see this right, you must have the "Show Advanced User Rights" checkbox checked.

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