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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Jul 2, 1999



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Displaying Excel Information in ASP Pages

How can ASP query an Excel sheet and get all the books' names that reside in that Excel document using ADO (or any other way)? I want to display all contents of the Excel sheet on a Web page using ASP.

You will need to use the Excel Object model and write your code to extract the book's sheet names.

To do this, first make sure Excel is installed on your Web Server (or at least registered properly). Then use the following code to extract sheet names from a given Excel file:

   Dim i, objExcel
   Set objExcel = Server.CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    objExcel.Workbooks.Open "filename"
    For i = 1 To objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count
        Response.Write objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(i).Name
    objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Close False
    Set objExcel = Nothing

You can extend the above code to get whatever else you want from the Excel spreadsheet. If that's what you want you may be better off first having Excel save the spreadsheet as an HTML document and then displaying the document in your application.

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