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Language: Client Scripting
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 22, 1999



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Disable Browser's Menu Items

Can I use JavaScript to disable the one of menu items of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator?


Sorry, you can't modify the menus in Internet Explorer or Netscape through JavaScript. This means that you can't add, remove, enable, or disable items. However, if you use JavaScript to open a new browser window using the window.open() method, you can set whether or not the new window will have the menus at all. Unfortunately, this is an all or nothing proposition. The syntax for the window.open() method is:

window.open(sURL, sName, sFeatures, bReplace)

The third parameter (sFeatures here) is a string that controls how the new window will look. Including "menubar=yes" or "menubar=no" will display or hide the menus, respectively.

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