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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Oct 28, 1999



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Execute FormCheck Function When Submitting Form


I have a statement to submit a form:

This JavaScript will validate entries in different textboxes placed on the form:

FormCheck(this.form, '<%=UsrCat%>', '<%=dtStr %>')

When the user clicks the enter key without completely filling out all the controls on the form, the form gets posted and an error results (because the form was not completely filled out prior to posting). Is there any way the Enter key can be disabled so that the user will have to click on a button already placed on the form to invoke the JavaScript FormCheck function prior to its submission?


You are approaching this problem from the wrong angle. Instead of having the FormCheck function execute when the button is clicked, you should make sure that the FormCheck function is executed when the form is submitted—no matter how. To do so, remove it from the button's OnClick event and place it in the Form's OnSubmit event.

Within FormCheck, make sure you return true or false. If the function returns true, the form's submission will go through. If false, the form will not be submitted.

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