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Language: Active Server Pages (ASP)
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 11, 1999



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Image Won't Display in ASP Page

I am building a Web site that is hosted on Microsoft's Personal Web Server. I have an Active Server Page (ASP) with some graphics on it. Everything works fine except for one GIF that will not display when the page is transmitted via HTTP (which will be always once it is published). If I view the page off of my own machine, then it is fine. But off of the Internet, the GIF does not show. In fact, if you check out its properties on the page, it says type unknown. Can you help me?

The display or non-display of an image is completely browser-side functionality. The server has nothing to do with it after the page has been transmitted, in its entirety, to the browser. Since you didn't include any code in your question, I can only guess at what might be source of the incorrect syntax, but assuming the image file is not corrupt, the problem probably lies in using incorrect HTML and/or client-side scripting syntax. Review the source of the page and double check the syntax that is being used to display the image.

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