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Language: SQL Server
Expertise: Beginner
Nov 23, 1999



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Data Extract and Input Using SQL

We use Dunn & Bradstreet's Smart Streem System with a subledger that has a high volume of data, and as of this point has to be identified manually and allocated. Can SQL help with extracting the data—identifying 3/4 key points allocated the DB and CB and only allowing the unallocated entries to be uploaded into the subledger? If so, what courses can I look into?

I'm not clear on your question.

Most RDBMS have utilities to export data (SQL Loader, Data Transformation Services). Furthermore, replication has the capacity to know what data has already been moved over and what data is new and must be exported, by reading the log of the database.

My instinct is that you are looking for replication.

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