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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Beginner
Jan 18, 2000

Cascade/Tree Menu

I have an Access database in which I would like to place a tree menu in a form. In this tree menu you would be able to make a selection and it would fill the table with the desired selection. An example of what I am trying to explain would be:
Casualty Type >  Mechanical > Engine
                > Collision > Weather
                            > Negligence
                            > Drugs
                            > Alcohol
I am not sure I am giving you a great example but I was also wondering if I could use a cascade menu with VB for this situation, and if I use VB, how do I place it into the database from the VB editor?

The idea behind the tree or cascade menu is to have the user select a type (i.e. mechanical) which would open up the reason (i.e. engine) which would place the reason into the section (i.e. casualty type) on the table.

You can certainly create a popup menu with those choices—that shouldn't be a problem.

What you then have to do is to respond to menu clicks by storing data into the field where the cursor is. You can store a reference to the control in a generic object variable during the GotFocus event. You then store the data into that control when the user clicks a menu choice.

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