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Language: Microsoft Exchange
Expertise: Beginner
Feb 1, 2000



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Transferring .PST Files from Work to Home

I'm running Outlook 2000 and would like to import my *.pst file into my home system. However, I receive an error message saying that the file needs to be prepared first. The work system is password-protected (I obviously know the password) and the home system is not. Also, the work system hangs off Exchange Server and my home system does not.

Is there a way to import this information?

Without knowing what steps you've already taken, let me just give you a short step-by-step that should be pretty fool-proof:

  1. At the work machine do a File | Import & Export and Export to a .PST file.
  2. Transport that .PST file home—it may be quite large so don't be surprised if it doesn't fit on a floppy. Using a Zip drive or dialing-in to the work machine might work best.
  3. Once you get home you should save it to your hard drive. If it's going to be your only .PST file, then point your Tools | Services | Personal Folders service at the .PST file. If you're going to have another .PST file, you can click File | Open | Personal Folders File to open it in addition to your existing .PST file or you can do a File | Import & Export to import it to your existing .PST file.
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