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Language: C#
Expertise: Advanced
Nov 30, 2005



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How to Create a Web Service in C#

Creating Web services in C# is very easy. All you have to do is extend the WebService class and identify which methods are Web service methods using the WebMethod attribute. The following code is an example:

using System.Web.Services;

public class AWebService : WebService
  public AWebService 
    // constructor code 

  public void BusinessLogicMethod() {
    // code here

  [WebMethod(Description="A Web Method", EnableSession=false)]
  public int WebServiceMethod() 
    // code here
How to call and use this Web service is beyond the scope of this tip, but what you need to know is that BusinessLogicMethod() is not exposed to the public to use (because it is not declared as a Web method), but WebServiceMethod() is.

Sachin Kainth
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