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Language: .NET
Expertise: Advanced
Jan 4, 2006



Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

A Solution for the "Could Not Copy Temporary Files to the Output Directory" Error

While this VB-to-the-Max tip is great, here are a few additional tips to either help you resolve this "bug" or work around it.

Firstly, Microsoft has reported this as a Bug in VS.NET 2002 and 2003. The problem can stem from one of two possible causes:

  1. The IntelliSense engine of a project locks a referenced assembly, locking only those referenced assemblies that are larger than 64 KB
  2. Your solution contains projects that are compiled to the same output folder.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Compile the outputs for individual projects to different folders. Visual Studio .NET 2002 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 do not support a common output folder.
  2. Verify that you do not have the same project (or projects) open in another instance of Visual Studio.NET.
  3. Try to compile the project from the VS.NET command prompt tool when none of the open VS instances have those projects open.

Abhyankar Yogi
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