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Language: Web
Expertise: Intermediate
Feb 27, 1999



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Preload Your Images

If you use JavaScript rollover images on your Web pages, it's a good idea to preload them in order to reduce lag time while the image downloads. Non-preloaded images won't show up immediately when the user rolls over the images in question, and if the user has a slow connection and/or the rollover images are large, they may take so long to appear that the purpose is defeated.

Images can be preloaded by creating a new image object and specifying its source. In order to be polite to browsers that don't support the JavaScript document.images array, provide an if statement at the top:

if (document.images) {
            welcome = new Image();      
            welcome.src = "images/welcome.gif"; 

            welcome2 = new Image();      
            welcome2.src = "images/welcome2.gif";
Steve Renaker
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