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Language: Java
Expertise: Advanced
May 14, 1999



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Determine the Characteristics of a Java Method

The java.lang.reflect defines a Method class that may be used to get information about a method in a Java class. Some of the main methods are:
public native int getModifiers(); // e.g. public, private, static
public Class getReturnType(); // primitive or object type
public Class getDeclaringClass (); // class that declares this Method
public String getName(); // string name of the method
public Class[] getParameterTypes(); // parameter types passed in
public Class[] getExceptionTypes(); // exception types thrown

// Invoke this Method
public native Object invoke(Object o, Object[] args)
   throws IllegalAccessException, IllegalArgumentException,              

The first six methods listed here can provide all the details to determine the characteristics of a Java method. You can use these methods to obtain each of the elements that go in a method declaration. For example, a typical Java method will have this syntax:
[modifiers] <return_type> <name> (paramType1 param1, paramType2, param2, 
Ajit Sagar
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