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May 18, 1999



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Happy Hunting for ASP and Visual InterDev Bugs

Before you spend too much time bashing your head against a problem in Active Server Pages or Visual InterDev, check to see if you're not up against an acknowledged bug. There may be a fix or workaround. The best place to start is at Microsoft's support site at http://support.microsoft.com/support/search/c.asp. You can narrow your searches quickly using keywords. For ASP issues, try kbGrpASP. For Visual InterDev 6, the keyword is kbVisID600bug or kbVisID600. You can also combine the group keywords with an issue type keyword such as kbbug or kbprb. By the way, you might notice a couple of new keywords that have recently appeared, such as kbVS600sp3 and kbVS600sp3fix.
Ken Cox
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