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Language: Visual Basic
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 30, 1997



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Friendly Enumerated Values

If you build an ActiveX control that exposes an enumerated property, you should define a Public Enum structure that gathers all the possible values for that property. Doing this helps the developer that uses your control because the enumerated values will be listed in a combo box in the Property window. However, at first glance, it seems impossible to achieve the same behavior as most of VB's intrinsic controls, which expose enumerated properties with short descriptions and embedded spaces. Even if they're not documented in the language manuals, you can create enumerated items that embed spaces by simply enclosing their names within square brackets: Public Enum DrawModeConstants Blackness = 1 [Not Merge Pen] [Mask Not Pen] [Not Copy Pen] ... End Enum Then add a DrawModeConstants property to the ActiveX control. All the enumerated values appear in the Property window of the VB IDE, without the square brackets and with all the spaces you included. Use this technique to embed other otherwise forbidden characters, such as math or punctuation symbols.
Francesco Balena
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