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Deploying the CrystalReportViewer Control to a Production Web Site
by Bob Clegg
Follow this procedure to deploy a CrystalReportViewer control to a production ASP.NET web site.
Using the deployment Element's retail Attribute
by Nagaraj Ramesh
This attribute inhibits settings used to support web application development.
Prevent Users from Launching Multiple Instances of Your Application
by Greggory Payne
Here's how you can make sure that only one instance of your application is running on any given machine.
Simple Script to Run Java Applications on Linux and Windows
by Bea Petrovicova
This simple script lets you run a Java application on both Linux and Windows.
Add MS AJAX Extensions to a Visual Studio 2005 Setup Project
by Vlad Hrybok
MS AJAX Extensions is an assembly (DLL) that must be present on the target system in order for your AJAX-enabled ASP.NET application to work
Install and Run Your ASP.NET Applications on Systems Without IIS
by Vlad Hrybok
Learn how to install and run your ASP.NET applications on systems without IIS in three easy steps.
Classloader Diffculties with JBoss
by Nishith Prabhakar
This tip contains solutions to the classloader difficulties encountered with JBoss when deploying WAR files with different versions of common JAR files.
Perform a Strict Date Validity Check
by Madan S.
If you use dates in your program frequently and you want them to be in a particular format, you don
Registering a DLL
by Emilio Sabatino
To register your DLL's, follow these ...
Use the Dependency Walker Utility to Determine File Dependency
by Andrew Holliday
When creating an installation package that determines what files must be installed, use the Visual Studio 6.0 Dependency Walker Utility. This utility comes with Visual Studio and can be found in the ...
CD-ROM Distribution Kit
by DevX Pro
I would like to distribute my application on CD. The distribution kit I have is on 1.44 disk. Can I get a batch to update my distribution code to have my application on CD, and how can I do an autorun application?
Avoid Installation Problems With the Msldvusr.dll in Win95
by Robert Smith
If you're developing multiuser Jet-based applications, you probably know about Microsoft's msldbusr.dll. It allows you to read the Jet lock files and get the correct number of connected users and ...
EXE Starts and Ends Immediately
by DevX Pro
When I build my application as an EXE and run it, the application comes up and then immediately disappears. What is wrong?
App Not Running on Other Machines
by DevX Pro
After compiling my VB app, and installing it on my machine, it will run. But, when I install it on my professor's machine at school, it doesn't work at all. What do I need to investigate in order to resolve this problem?
Preventing VFP Shutdown During Logoff
by DevX Pro
I have a Visual FoxPro 5.0 application that I installed to run as a service on an NT server. Everything works fine except for when the user attempts to log off. During logoff, the VFP/service wants to shut down and fails with the message "Cannot quit FoxPro." How can I prevent VFP from reacting to the shutdown message being sent from the NT OS?
Distributing VFP Executables
by DevX Pro
When I build a VFP executable file and copy it to another machine, I cannot seem to run the executable. I obtain messages like "cannot .....file support library." What are these library files and where can I find them? Are there any other necessary files I need to copy, or do I have to install VFP on every machine the executable will run on?
Reference an External JavaScript File
by DevX Pro
How do you reference an external JavaScript file from an HTML page?
Prevent Certain Files From Being Bookmarked
by DevX Pro
How can I prevent certain files on my site from being bookmarked?
Adding a New Label at Run Time
by DevX Pro
I have been unable to add a new label onto my form at run time because the 'new' command doesn't seem to work for a label. What's the best way to do this?
Execute DOS and Windows Programs from ASP
by Ken Cox
Although it is usually more efficient to use a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that meshes well with the Internet Information Server (IIS) and Active Server Pages (ASP) environment, you may just need to ...
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