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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: beginner
Apr 15, 2000



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Download and save an HTML page with the Internet Transfer control

You can easily download an HTML page by using the Internet Transfer Control (INet). Here's a reusable routine that uses this control to download the HTML page at the specified URL and optionally save it to a local file. In either case the routine returns the contents of the page as a string:

' Return the contents of an HTML page at a given URL
' and optionally save it to a file
' uses an Internet Transfer Control,
' that must be passed in the first argument

Function GetHTMLPage(INet As INet, ByVal URL As String, _
    Optional FileName As String) As String
    Dim fnum As Integer
    ' cancel any pending operation
    ' set protocol to HTTP
    INet.Protocol = icHTTP
    ' get the page
    GetHTMLPage = INet.OpenURL(URL)
    ' save to a file, if requested
    If FileName <> "" Then
        fnum = FreeFile
        Open FileName For Output As #fnum
        Print #fnum, GetHTMLPage;
        Close #fnum
    End If
End Function

Francesco Balena
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