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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Jun 3, 2000

Avoid OnEndPage in ASP components under IIS 5

As explained elsewhere in this knowledge base, you are suggested not to rely on the OnStartPage method to get a reference to the main ASP objects, if your component is to be run under IIS 5. However, if you do run such a component under IIS 5, at least you should ensure that it doesn't expose the OnEndPage method.

In fact, if a component doesn't expose this method, IIS 5 is able to release it as soon as the client ASP script code set all the references to it to Nothing. This helps to release memory and resources earlier, and indirectly improves the scalability of your application.

By comparison, all ASP components that run under IIS 4 and previous versions are always released after the ASP page has been completely processed.

Francesco Balena
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