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Language: VBS,IIS4,IIS5
Expertise: beginner
Jun 3, 2000



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Ensure that server-side debugging is disabled in production sites

Before going to production, you should ensure that the server-side script debugging is off for your ASP application. In fact, not only does server-side debugging slow down your application, it also forces all ASP request to be served by the same thread. In other words, you don't take advantage of IIS's multi-threaded capabilities. You can ensure that server-side debugging is off by bringing up the Properties dialog for the ASP application, then move to the Home Directory tab, click on the Configuration button, and then move to the App Debugging tab of the Application Configuration dialog that has appeared. While we're on this topic, there is another case when two client requests are assigned to the same thread: this happens when the request have the same SessionID, such as when they come from two browsers on the same machine, or from two frames of an HTML page loaded in the client browser.
Francesco Balena
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