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Language: VB6,VBS
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 17, 2000



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The hidden Collect method of the Recordset object

The ADO Recorset object exposes a hidden, undocumented member: the Collect property. This property is functionally similar to the Field's Value property, but it's faster because it doesn't need a reference (explicit or implicit) to the Field object. You can use this property by passing a numeric index or a field's name, as in:

Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open "authors", "DSN=pubs"
' reference by field's name
firstName = rs.Collect("au_fname")
' reference by field's index
rs.Collect(2) = "John Doe"
Under ADO 2.5, the Collect property appears to be about 30% faster than the standard way to refer to a field's value.
Francesco Balena
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