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Language: VBNET
Expertise: Intermediate
Jan 5, 2002



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Weekday names in any language

The System.Globalization.CultureInfo object exposes two properties, NumberFormat and DateTimeFormat, which return information about how numbers and dates are formatted according to a given locale. For example, consider this code:

' How do you spell "Sunday" in German?
' First, create a CultureInfo object for German/Germany.
' (Note that you must pass a string in the form "locale-COUNTRY" if
'  a given language is spoken in multiple countries.)
Dim ciDe As New CultureInfo("de-DE")
' Next, get the corresponding DateTimeFormatInfo object.
Dim dtfi As DateTimeFormatInfo = ciDe.DateTimeFormat
' Here's the answer:
Console.WriteLine(dtfi.GetDayName(DayOfWeek.Sunday))   ' => Sonntag
You can learn which cultures are available on your machine with the GetCultures shared method, which returns an array of all the installed cultures:

' Get info on all the installed cultures.
Dim ciArr() As CultureInfo = CultureInfo.GetCultures(CultureTypes.AllCultures)

' Print abbreviation and English name of each culture.
Dim c As CultureInfo
For Each c In ciArr
    Console.WriteLine(c.Name & " (" & c.EnglishName & ")")
Francesco Balena
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