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Language: VB5,VB6
Expertise: Intermediate
Feb 6, 2001



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GetServiceNames - Retrieve names of all services using Active Directory

' Get the names of all the installed Windows GetServiceNames using Active 
' Directory
' if you pass True, the display names are returned
' otherwise the internal names are returned
' (internal names can be used as arguments to other service routines)
' NOTE: requires a reference to the Active DS Type library
' Usage:
'   Dim svr As Variant
'   For Each svr In GetServiceNames()
'      List1.AddItem svr
'   Next

Function GetServiceNames(ByVal DisplayName As Boolean) As Collection
    Dim thisComputer As ActiveDs.IADsComputer
    Dim aService As ActiveDs.IADsService
    ' we need this object to retrieve computer name
    Dim sysInfo As New ActiveDs.WinNTSystemInfo
    On Error Resume Next
    ' retrieve the AD object corresponding to this computer
    Set thisComputer = GetObject("WinNT://" & sysInfo.ComputerName & _
    ' filter service information
    thisComputer.Filter = Array("Service")
    ' prepare the result
    Set GetServiceNames = New Collection
    ' add individual GetServiceNames to the result
    For Each aService In thisComputer
        If DisplayName Then
            GetServiceNames.Add aService.DisplayName
            GetServiceNames.Add aService.Name
        End If
End Function
Francesco Balena
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