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Language: VB7
Expertise: Intermediate
Jun 1, 2002



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Copying the selected text of a RichTextBox text into the Clipboard

' Copy the RichTextBox's selected text into the Clipboard
' Example: CopyFromRichTextBox (richTextBox1)

Public Sub CopyFromRichTextBox(ByVal rtb As RichTextBox, _
    Optional ByVal availableAfterEnd As Boolean = False)
    Dim data As New DataObject()

    ' get the selected RTF text if there is a selection,
    ' or the entire text is no text is selected
    Dim rtfText, plainText As String
    If rtb.SelectionLength > 0 Then
        rtfText = rtb.SelectedRtf
        plainText = rtb.SelectedText
        rtfText = rtb.Rtf
        plainText = rtb.Text
    End If
    ' do the copy only if there is something to be copied
    If rtfText.Length > 0 Then data.SetData(DataFormats.Rtf, rtfText)
    If plainText.Length > 0 Then data.SetData(DataFormats.Text, plainText)

    ' finally copy into the clipboard
    Clipboard.SetDataObject(data, availableAfterEnd)
End Sub
Marco Bellinaso
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