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Tip of the Day
Language: VB6
Expertise: beginner
Nov 18, 2002



Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Monday - retrieving the date of the Monday for a specified week

' Return the date of the Monday for a specified week..
' This function can be tweaked to return any weekday. I use it in Access to
' subdivide reports into weekly units, since Access displays only a number 
' between 1 and 53 for the week when you group dates by week.
' Note: the Monday function requires the presence of the IsLeapYear function,
' as well as the two arguments for the year and the week. 

Public Function Monday(intYear As Integer, intWeek As Integer) As Date
    Static intMonday(53) As Date
    Dim i As Long, x As Integer
    Dim datDayNum As Date
    Dim intNumDays As Integer

    If IsLeapYear(intYear) Then
        intNumDays = 365
        intNumDays = 364
    End If

    datDayNum = DateSerial(intYear, 1, 1)

    If WeekDay(datDayNum) >= 3 And WeekDay(datDayNum) <= 6 Then
        For i = datDayNum - 7 To datDayNum + intNumDays
            If WeekDay(i) = 2 Then
                x = x + 1
                intMonday(x) = CDate(i)
            End If
        For i = datDayNum To datDayNum + intNumDays
            If WeekDay(i) = 2 Then
                x = x + 1
                intMonday(x) = CDate(i)
            End If
    End If
    ' And finally:
    Monday = intMonday(intWeek)
End Function

' This relatively simple function should work fine for any year between 100 and 
' 9999,  using the Gregorian calendar.
' As you can see, it tests the year for whether it is a multiple of 4, 100,
'  or 400, using the Mod operator. It does not allow for years that VB can't 
' handle.

Public Function IsLeapYear(intYear As Integer) As Boolean
    ' Multiples of 100 that are not also multiples of 400 are not leap years;
    ' thus, 1900 was not, but 2000 was.

    If intYear < 100 Or intYear > 9999 Then
        MsgBox "The year provided must be between 100 and 9999, inclusive."
        Exit Function
    End If

    If intYear Mod 400 = 0 Then
        IsLeapYear = True
    ElseIf intYear Mod 100 = 0 Then
        IsLeapYear = False
    ElseIf intYear Mod 4 = 0 Then
        IsLeapYear = True
        IsLeapYear = False
    End If
End Function
Mr. Collins
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