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Language: VB7
Expertise: Intermediate
Jul 28, 2003



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SetCommandsTransaction - Assign a transaction to the DataAdapter's commands

' Assign the same transaction to the Update/Delete/Insert commands of all the 
' OleDb/SqlAdapters passed in input
' Note: all the DataAdapters must be of the same type (OleDb or Sql)
' Note: requires Imports System.Data.OleDb and Imports System.Data.SqlClient
' Example: SetCommandsTransaction(tran, da1, da1)

Sub SetCommandsTransaction(ByVal tran As IDbTransaction, _
    ByVal ParamArray adapters() As IDataAdapter)
    If adapters.Length = 0 Then Return
    If TypeOf adapters(0) Is OleDbDataAdapter Then
        Dim daOledb As OleDbDataAdapter
        For Each daOledb In adapters
            If Not daOledb.UpdateCommand Is Nothing Then _
                daOledb.UpdateCommand.Transaction = tran
            If Not daOledb.InsertCommand Is Nothing Then _
                daOledb.InsertCommand.Transaction = tran
            If Not daOledb.DeleteCommand Is Nothing Then _
                daOledb.DeleteCommand.Transaction = tran
    ElseIf TypeOf adapters(0) Is SqlDataAdapter Then
        Dim daSql As SqlDataAdapter
        For Each daSql In adapters
            If Not daSql.UpdateCommand Is Nothing Then _
                daSql.UpdateCommand.Transaction = tran
            If Not daSql.InsertCommand Is Nothing Then _
                daSql.InsertCommand.Transaction = tran
            If Not daSql.DeleteCommand Is Nothing Then _
                daSql.DeleteCommand.Transaction = tran
    End If
End Sub
Marco Bellinaso
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