March 19, 1997


Question: Is there a way for delphi 1.0 to have some kind of multithreading (enabling the user to do something else while waiting for a report beinggenerated or printed)? Answer:

Creating Windows without the VCL.

Question: I have been experimenting in trying to create windows without the VCL using the WinAPI functions CreateWindow and CreateWindowEx and WNDCLASS and WNDCLASSEX structured but it never create the

MoveFile command (Delphi 32)

Question: The MoveFile command does not work for me with some filenames. An example is as follows :MoveFile(‘C:CIPLINCOMING199702110408440000000000.SAV’, ‘C:CIPLARCHIVE’);yet, if I try to move a file called ‘test.sav’ with the