March 19, 1997

Adding and Removing Columns from Tables

Question: How can I add and remove columns from a table at run time? Answer: While I’m an avid supporter of Delphi, one of the most annoying things about it

Tables in Borland Database Engine/Delphi

Question: When you open a table in both the Database Desktopand a self-written Delphi app, and you post a record in your own app, the changes are reflected automatically in

Implementing the C enum Keyword

Question: I’m porting my C code to Java and would like to know how I would implement the C enum keyword to Java. Answer: There is no convenient mechanism for

How can I create JavaScript enhanced web pages?

Question: I’ve been poking around the net and have seen several development environments for creating Java applets/applications. What software do I need to create JavaScripts that I can use on

Disabling Netscape Toolbar Functions

Question: Is there any way with HTML, JavaScript, Javaor whatever to disable the “Back” and “Forward” buttons in the Netscape toolbar? As content on the Web enters the realm of

Printing from Applets

Question: I am trying to construct an applet that accepts data from the user and performs several calculations on that data.I would like to give the capability to print out

Writing Servers in Java

Question: How can a server written in Java work like a UNIX daemon? To me it seems that a server cannot be an applet. Is it a standalone application? Answer:

Reading a Double from Command Line

Question: Hi, I just started to program in Java in Win95 platform. Even though I/O through files has already been discussed, I am having trouble reading a double from the