March 19, 1997

Adding and Removing Columns from Tables

Question: How can I add and remove columns from a table at run time? Answer: While I’m an avid supporter of Delphi, one of the most annoying things about it

How do I set Paradox table passwords?

Question: How can I set Paradox table passwords in Delphi 2.0? Answer: Let Me Blow Off Some Steam About the BDEUnfortunately, setting passwords on Paradox tables cannot be done using

Accessing a C Library from Java Applet

Question: I want to be able use a Web frontend for a databaseapplication. I would like to use Java to process theuser input and C for accessing the database. Myquestion

What is an Interface?

Question: I have no experience with object-oriented languages, havingonly learned BASIC when I was a child. Most people say Java is easy,but in my case it’s not. I don’t understand

Too many TDBEdit components on a Form

Question: I am using Delphi 16 running under Win95.I have an application which requires use of more than 200 TDBEdit components. When designing the form I find that 178 appears

How can I properly use CreateProcess to instantiate a new process?

Question: Here is the code I’m using (the error is posted where it occurs):=================================TypePROCESS_INFORMATION = record hProcess: Longint; hThread: Longint; dwProcessID: Longint; dwThreadID: Longint;End;Procedure ExecCmd(cmdline: String);varprocc: PROCESS_INFORMATION;startup: TSTARTUPINFO;ret1: longint;ret2: longint;ret3:

Incremental Searches with a TListbox

Question: How can I create a form that has a list box that I can perform an incremental search on? Answer: There are a couple of ways to do this.