What’s the difficulty with using a single datasource from a DBGrid and DBTexts?

What’s the difficulty with using a single datasource from a DBGrid and DBTexts?

I am a little puzzled by the question and answer headed”Databases: how can I use two different Data Controls to displaydata from a single DataSource and Table?”What is the difficulty in D1 with simply using a single datasourcefor both a DBGrid and a number of DBTexts?Particular fields can be suppressed from the grid by creatinga full set of TFields and setting visible to false so I fail tosee just what the original problem was.Am I missing something obvious?

You’re not missing anything at all. In fact, you can do just that. The onlyproblem (which I should have mentioned) is the creation of so many TFields.Since the reader was keying on a single column, the solution I provided himwas required less resources, and was a much cleaner implementation thangoing through the process of creating TField objects then switching them offindividually. Sorry if I misled you…

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