March 19, 1997

Disabling Netscape Toolbar Functions

Question: Is there any way with HTML, JavaScript, Javaor whatever to disable the “Back” and “Forward” buttons in the Netscape toolbar? As content on the Web enters the realm of

How can I create JavaScript enhanced web pages?

Question: I’ve been poking around the net and have seen several development environments for creating Java applets/applications. What software do I need to create JavaScripts that I can use on

Implementing the C enum Keyword

Question: I’m porting my C code to Java and would like to know how I would implement the C enum keyword to Java. Answer: There is no convenient mechanism for

Tables in Borland Database Engine/Delphi

Question: When you open a table in both the Database Desktopand a self-written Delphi app, and you post a record in your own app, the changes are reflected automatically in

How can I convert numbers to hexadecimal strings?

Question: How can I convert numbers to hexadecimal strings? Answer: Although it was not mentioned in the original documentation forJavaScript, the toString method has been available forconverting integers into strings

Running Java on Non-network Local PC

Question: Can a Java applet or executable run locally on a PC if the PC is not connected to a network? Example: I bring up my home page and download