March 19, 1997

TDBGrid flickering

Question: I’ve seen several shareware descendants of TDBGrid that don’t flicker when you move through the associated table.How do I get rid of the flickering in TDBGrid when you hold

Creating a LIST_SELECT Event

Question: How do I create a LIST_SELECT event? Specifically, what should I put in the fields of the statement: Event anevent = new Event(mylst, event.when, event.LIST_SELECT, ?, ? event.key, event.modifiers,?)

Changing Button Captions

Question: How do you change a button’s caption after it is created? Answer: Java’s Button class defines two methods for getting and setting a button’s caption. They are getLabel() and

How do I copy a file in Delphi?

Question: How do I copy a file in Delphi? Answer: H3>Reminiscing on Days Gone By…Back in the old DOS days, we took for granted copying a file from one place

TIniFile’s Hidden Limitation

Question: I have an INI file that is approximately 20K with all entries in one section. If I use TIniFile’s ReadSection method, only part of the section gets loaded. Why?

Creating Forms in Shapes Other than Rectangles

Question: Is it possible to create forms with shapes other than the standard rectangular shape in Windows? Answer: Sometimes it’s just not enough to write applications that have the same