March 28, 1997

How to Change Sound Volume in Win95

Question: I need to change sound volumes (wave, midi, cd,line-in etc..) in Win95. How can I do it?Any Win32API functions I should call? Answer: I haven’t used this unit to any great extent, but the MMSYSTEM.PAS file inDelphiSourceRtlWin has all the multimedia extension support in Windows.For a very in-depth discussion

Help Files

Question: I would like to begin by saying your site is great. I have used Ask the VB Pro in the past, so I hope you can help with this one.I have just started with Delphi 1.0 and I am having a problem compiling help files. I am using HC31

Is Drag-and-Drop on a Menu Item Possible?

Question: Is drag-and-drop on a menu item possible? Answer: If I was going to be rhetorical, I’d answer in very Zen-like terms:”Anything is possible.” But in more practical terms, no, it’s not possible todrag-and-drop on a menu item. Here’s why: If you want to drag an itemonto a menu, you

How to Use the CreateToolbarEx Function

Question: How do you use the CreateToolbarEx function? I want to use it to create dockable tool bars. Answer: With CreateToolBarEx, you’re walking into real low-level stuff that willrequire that you create an array of TBButtons, add bitmap images to them,and create a window proc command handler. It’s a lot

Universal Naming Convention (UNC)

Question: For file-based applications, how is the Universal Naming Convention obtained for path names? Answer: To get the UNC name of a drive-based path, use the Windows API callWNetGetUniversalName. This function takes a drive-based path (i.e.,fully qualified file name) and returns its UNC equivalent. Be forewarned,though: This call is not

Calling Windows 95 Network Neighbor from a Delphi App

Question: I want to see which users are logged on to the local area network through my Delphi application.I would like to know how I can call up the Windows 95 Network neighbor and then send a quick e-mail to the users logged on, still from within my Delphi application.How

Best Way to Delete Master Detail Records

Question: As you know, when you create .db tables with referentialintegrity (i.e. Paradox or Desktop), this makes detail records that dependon the master. When you want to delete records in the master table, this can be performed only when you have already deleted records in the detail table.This means that

Resetting Net and Lock Files

Question: Is there a way to reset the net and lock files that an application develops withouthaving to shut down the software? Even a temporary pause would be acceptable. We develop professional software in Delphi. We have come acrossa problem that Borland cannot help us with. It goes like this:

Delphi Queries and SQL

Question: I am trying to perform multiple queries, and to speed things up I want to perform a query on the result of a previous query. Is there an easy way to do a Select * from QUERYNAME without moving the resulting records from the query to a new table

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