March 28, 1997

How to Change Sound Volume in Win95

Question: I need to change sound volumes (wave, midi, cd,line-in etc..) in Win95. How can I do it?Any Win32API functions I should call? Answer: I haven’t used this unit to

Playing a sound collection

Question: I have 10 .wav files that I want to play in a loop.If I make the mmplayer wait property true, I suffer from control failure during the loop time.I

Is there a way to kill a sleeping thread?

Question: I am creating numerous threads on-the-fly in Delphi 2.0. I create them suspended. The question is: How do I make the threads go away? I’ve tried Free, Terminate… nothing

Dynamic Buffer

Question: I’m using Delphi to do a client-server application in which all the lines I get from a socket I send to a TMemo in my form. I want that

Flat Combo

Question: Do you know how to create a flat, non-3D combo box with only a thin black border? Setting CTL3D to False doesn’t seem to have an effect on the

Filtering Table Records

Question: I want to be able to filter records in a table based on criteria in, say, three combo boxes on a form. Answer: If you have indexes on those

Resizing Resolution

Question: How do I re-size the buttons, etc. on my forms when the resolution changes? If I create something in Delphi at a high resolution and run it on a

Putting a char into a Pchar

Question: I’m using the Winexec command and trying to use a string as the argument, but Winexec takes only a Pchar as its argument. I can’t figure out how to