Putting a char into a Pchar

I’m using the Winexec command and trying to use a string as the argument, but Winexec takes only a Pchar as its argument. I can’t figure out how to put a regular string into a Pchar, or how to make a Pchar ‘point’ to a character string.

WinAPI calls can be pretty confusing, huh? Let’s say you have a functioncalled WinAPICall that takes a PChar as an argument. Here are a couple ofways to make the call:First Method (This will only work for Delphi 2.0, which supports casting):

Second Method:
procedure CallWinApiCall(S : String);var  Val  : String;  pVal : PChar;begin  Val := S;  {Initialize memory for the PChar}  GetMem(pVal, Length(Val));  {Copy the contents of Val to PChar}  pVal := StrPCopy(pVal, Val);  WinAPICall(pVal);    {This next step is ABSOLUTELY necessary}  FreeMem(pVal, Length(Val));end;  
In any case, that should do it for you pretty nicely.

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