April 1, 1997


Question: What’s the diference between SDI and MDI Applications? Answer: An SDI, or single document interface,application has a single, floating menu bar. Each form in the applicationhas its own window, separate from the menu bar.An MDI, or multiple document interface,application has a parent window, which contains the menu bar and

OPO Performance

Question: I am having a hard time getting my OPO application to show decent performance. It’s running on a 32MB Win3.1 PC, and queries a Solaris x86 Oracle Server using TCP/IP as the network protocol. When I perform a query using the supplied query buttons, the query comes back fairly

ODBC/Oracle Lite tables

Question: In OPO v1.0, it was impossible to redefine a table in a BLAZE database. I assumed this would not be the case with an Oracle Lite database and OPO v2.0. However, to my displeasure, it seems I still cannot redefine a table — I get various ODBC errors. Am

Loading Text file into Oracle Lite Table

Question: Is it possible to use the text ODBC driver in OPO v2.0 for this purpose by opening two sessions — one connected to an Olite database while the other is connected to a text file?Alternatively, are there any available utilities on the market similar to ORACLE SQL Loader to

Enabling and disabling fields in a repeater

Question: Is there a way to enable and disable fields inside a repeater display depending on the values of fields on the master form?I have tried it various ways (on the master form, on the repeater) but I have got the always present “Repeater controls can oly be used with

Executing SQL by attaching code to click() method

Question: Power Objects to Oracle 7 server query…I thought this would be straightforward. I havea simple query to perform when the button isclicked — find and load info. on this id. code attached to click() follows:exec sql at session# select * from tablename whereid = some id # It does

Converting various databases to Oracle 7.3

Question: I have a number of databases – filemaker, DBase, ASCII and CAD drawings. We want to convert everything to one database. Is this possible? What are some initial steps to take to get on the path of converting everything over. Answer: Well, it’s certainly time to settle on one