April 1, 1997

Converting various databases to Oracle 7.3

Question: I have a number of databases – filemaker, DBase, ASCII and CAD drawings. We want to convert everything to one database. Is this possible? What are some initial steps

Loading Text file into Oracle Lite Table

Question: Is it possible to use the text ODBC driver in OPO v2.0 for this purpose by opening two sessions — one connected to an Olite database while the other

ODBC/Oracle Lite tables

Question: In OPO v1.0, it was impossible to redefine a table in a BLAZE database. I assumed this would not be the case with an Oracle Lite database and OPO

OPO Performance

Question: I am having a hard time getting my OPO application to show decent performance. It’s running on a 32MB Win3.1 PC, and queries a Solaris x86 Oracle Server using


Question: What’s the diference between SDI and MDI Applications? Answer: An SDI, or single document interface,application has a single, floating menu bar. Each form in the applicationhas its own window,