May 8, 1997

32-bit VCL Errors

Question: I’ve downloaded some components for use in Delphi 2.0, but I can’t get them to install into the VCL. Even the 32-bit dedicated ones come up with an error

Changing the Font

Question: I can’t stand the “new” font used in VB5’s pulldown menus and forms (ie. File, View, Tools, etc.).I’ve tried and tried, but I can’t seem to change it. Answer:

API declarations

Question: Where can I take all the new API declarations about the network, like: NetServerGetInfo, NetServerTransportAdd… Answer: If you just want the declarations, you can add Windows API Functions as

Business function in the MATH unit

Question: I recently incorporated the math unit into an application I’m building. Originally I was using OLE to Excel to perform my business calculations, and though this was a clean

Alternative to the BDE

Question: I have database software that is about 1 MB in size (with all the files). I need to distribute the BDE, which uses up to two diskettes. I do

An event when the table record changes

Question: While the OnDataChange event is called when a record is changed, it is called several times for each change and then each time a piece of data changes in

Changing Label Captions in a FOR Loop

Question: I’m trying something like this: for i:=0 to 1000 do label1.caption:=’I= ‘+inttostr(i); but the loop executed so fast, the label doesn’t display anything until the loop is over. This