May 9, 1997

CreateOleObject errors

Question: My completed Delphi application exports Quick Reports to Excel. This operation is 99.5 percent successful, and users are delighted. I am one of the developers, and one of the

Conversion from Paradox to Delphi

Question: I want to convert some code written in Paradox to Delphi. I am mainly interested in a quick method rather than the usual method. The code deals with the

Database application deployment

Question: I want to deploy a database application developed with Delphi 2 that will access an Interbase database via TCP/IP, but I cannot find any documentation that describes precisely which

Database “index out of date” error

Question: I am working on a Delphi program in which I am inserting information into a database table by running a student’s ID card through a scanner. I was testing

Corrupt Paradox file

Question: Last week I had a head crash on a PC using Delphiand Paradox files. I was able to recover everything but a log file for the month of March.

How to create a database in code

Question: I was a VB programmer, until my recent shift to Delphi 2.0. How can I create a database in code? Answer: It depends on the type of database youwant