May 9, 1997

CreateOleObject errors

Question: My completed Delphi application exports Quick Reports to Excel. This operation is 99.5 percent successful, and users are delighted. I am one of the developers, and one of the

Hiding DLL from task bar

Question: How can I hide an application (in my case a DLL) from the taskbar in Win95 (Delphi 2.0) and still have the form active and visible? Answer: The easiest

How to display “Record x of y”

Question: I am writing a database app in Delphi that is a Customer/Order Management System, and need to display a ‘3 of 7’ type info in the status bar. How

Help on commands

Question: I’ve been programming in Turbo Pascal since v. 4.0 and have made the switch to Delphi 2.0. The only problem is all these new commands!Where on the Net or

Disksize/Diskfree problem

Question: I am writing a small Delphi 2.0 program to list out all the drives on a system, plus total and free disk space. No problem, except that with hard

Easiest connection to a database

Question: What is the easiest connection (installation at customer site and use in program) to a database ? BDE, ODBC or Paradox direct access? Answer: It depends on the database.

Date formatting with shortdateformat

Question: I’m using Delphi 2.0. My application changes the date format with ShortDateFormat:=’dd/mm/yyyy’ and dateseparator functions. It works, but I found that when I change the taskbar’s ontop or autohide