May 9, 1997

CreateOleObject errors

Question: My completed Delphi application exports Quick Reports to Excel. This operation is 99.5 percent successful, and users are delighted. I am one of the developers, and one of the .5 percent. Before the app was released, my peer developers decided the problem was my machine (a Dell). The .5

Conversion from Paradox to Delphi

Question: I want to convert some code written in Paradox to Delphi. I am mainly interested in a quick method rather than the usual method. The code deals with the GUI that is the front end; I am not interested in converting the SQL.Any suggestions? Answer: I’m not quite sure

Database application deployment

Question: I want to deploy a database application developed with Delphi 2 that will access an Interbase database via TCP/IP, but I cannot find any documentation that describes precisely which files I need to distribute to install BDE on client machines. I’ve read deploy.txt, as the Database App. Dev. Guide

Creating control from code in Delphi

Question: I want to create a button in code, put it on a form and attach a procedure to its click event. How can I get the click event linked to a predefined procedure name from code? I assume the IDE linking in the object browser is key to the

Database “index out of date” error

Question: I am working on a Delphi program in which I am inserting information into a database table by running a student’s ID card through a scanner. I was testing my program and at some point in time when I had a student scan his card, I received an error

Corrupt Paradox file

Question: Last week I had a head crash on a PC using Delphiand Paradox files. I was able to recover everything but a log file for the month of March. When I open this file from Database Desktop, I get the message at the bottom as follows:CORRUPT File – Other

How to create a database in code

Question: I was a VB programmer, until my recent shift to Delphi 2.0. How can I create a database in code? Answer: It depends on the type of database youwant to build. However, I can show you how to do it with a Paradox table.What you have to do is

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