May 9, 1997

Dialogs: Implementing your own execute method

Question: I use Delphi 1.0. The standard dialogs (such as TOpenDialog and TPrintDialog) offer a method called execute. It executes the form/dialog, and waits until it returns. I would like

Paradox “Table is Full” error

Question: My Paradox table has grown to about 130 MB.Now whenever I try to insert a new record to the table (from code or Database desktop), I geta “Table is

Delphi console application

Question: Is it possible to write a non-interactive program in Delphi 2.0 that does something quick in the background without opening a form or a console window? Answer: Sure, but

Putting a pause in a program

Question: I have a simple animation on a form created by turning bitmaps on and off in sequence. How can I pause between frames? There is no wait or pause

Multiple user access

Question: I have written a database program that gives me information about PCs on our network. When more than one user tries to access my data, they get a message

DOS protected to Delphi 32-bit

Question: At present we have a large application that runs under DOS protected mode. It is written in Borland Pascal 7.0. We have a longer term project to convert it