July 30, 1997

Hide All Project Windows

When working with multiple projects, it’s easy to get confused by the many windows active on the screen atthe same time. However, you can temporarily hide all the windows related

Customize VB Toolbars

Here are a few simple ways you can customize your VB5 IDE: Add tabs to the custom control toolbox by right-clicking on the General button and selecting the Add Tab

Not all Templates are Created Equal

Unlike templates in other Office 97 products, Word 97 templates provide a business-application engine thatremains separate from the documents that use that engine. Template-based Excel workbooks andPowerPoint presentations include a

Center Forms on Screen

A popular code snippet lets you center any form on the screen, regardless of the current screen resolution. You now can reach the same result by simply assigning the value

Don’t Create Aliased Variables

Never pass a global variable as an argument to a procedure that also accesses the variable directly. If you’re 100 percent sure you adhered to this rule within your application,

Default Values for Optional Parameters

If you ever programmed under VB4, you probably took advantage of the powerful Optional parameters. VB5 enhanced them in several ways: they can be of any type now (not only

Don’t Auto-Optimize for Fast Code

If you take a look at VB’s native code optimization options for the first time, you might be tempted to click on “Optimize for Fast Code” right away. Strange as

Comment and Uncomment Blocks of Code

Visual Basic 5.0 lets you comment a block of code in a snap and uncomment it later. This feature is useful in the debug phase, when you don’t want to