August 5, 1997

Shelling MS Internet Mail

If you are using the new mail program that can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s Web site, you can run it from within your program. Simply add this command

Cheap Graphic Buttons

You can use the Wingdings font to put simple graphics on a standard command button. Put a standard command button on a form, and in the Properties window, change the

Hidden MDI Children

“Hide” an MDI child form with a non-sizable border style (0 or 1) using this code in the MDI child’s Form_Load event: form1.Move form1.Left, form1.Top, 0, 0 Use a label

Get/Put Arrays to Disk

The API functions “_hwrite” and “_hread” can be useful for writing arrays directly to files and, at some later time, reading these files directly into arrays having the same structure.

Refer to Columns in a DBGrid Control

Columns in a DBGrid control are bound to database fields. However, the index number of a column doesn’t tell you which field it represents. Therefore, referring to DBGrid1.Columns(0).Value is not

Addendum to “Remember SWAP?”

The tip “Remember SWAP?” [“101 Hot Tech Tips for VB Developers,” Supplement to the August 1996 issue of VBPJ, page 13] has a common error. This line actually creates three

Dispelling Performance Myths

Omitting the counter from a Next statement does not speed up a For loop. Calling a procedure in a BAS module is not slower than calling a procedure contained in

Where Does It End?

When using the line-continuation character facility-the combination of a space followed by an underscore (_) used in the development environment to extend a single logical line of code to two

Make Column Headers the Perfect Width

When you’re dynamically adding ColumnHeaders to a ListView control at run time, you may not know how long the text for the header will be, so the user must readjust